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Last Updated: March 21, 2020
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A list of my YouTube playlists (which is much more organized and explained here than on YouTube). Some of these links will bring you straight to the playlist on YouTube, while other will bring you to another page here with a sub-list of playlists.

Virtually all of my uploaded videos are put into a playlist. If they're not on a playlist, it's only because they soon will be.


> Elder Scrolls Online <

Clips I've recorded from this game.


> Game Glimpses <

Videos of me playing and talking through an hour or two of each game, almost always from the beginning.


> Just the Story <

These videos contain the storytelling parts of video games, having nearly all the gameplay between cut out. It is, as the title suggests, "Just the Story".


> Let's Play <

Videos of me playing and talking all the way through games. Some of my earliest videos are found here.


> Misc. Game Clips <

Clips I've recorded from various games that don't have their own playlist.


> TV/Film Related <

Clips I've recorded from television shows and movies.


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