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Chapter 4
Turn Option: Attack an Enemy (War Forms)

A combatant may attack an enemy target in the same zone or in the Aggression Zone. If the combatant is in the Aggression Zone they may attack any enemy target anywhere in the Arena. A combatant can only attack one target at a time.

Here's how an attack works, assuming no Techs are used:

One combatant is designated the attacker and the other the defender. The one who began the confrontation is the attacker.

  1. The attacker chooses an Attack Form and notes their grade in it. They also note the grade of the defender's opposing Defense Form. For example, if the attacker chooses their Power Form, they note its rank of "A" and they also note the rank of the defender's Endurance Form (which is "C").
  1. The attacker rolls 1d6, adding the result to their Attack rank. (Also adding PAs and/or IAs if appropriate.)
  1. The defender notes their Base Defense score. (Also adding PAs and/or IAs if appropriate.)
  1. The Attack and Defense Forms being employed are compared. For every grade that one Form is higher than the other, the combatant with that Form gains an additional +1 bonus to their sum. For example, the attacker with a Power Form of "A" gets a +2 bonus over the defender with an Endurance Form of "C". If both Forms have the same rank there is no bonus to either combatant.
  1. The sum roll of the attacker (1d6 + Attack + Form), called their attack roll, is compared to the sum roll of the defender (Base Defense + Form), called their defense roll. On a tie there is a stalemate for that phase. If one combatant has rolled higher than the other then they are considered victorious in that phase.
  1. The losing combatant loses 1 Focus and the attack is over.


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