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Chapter 4
The Battle Arena

All battles take place in the Battle Arena. The Arena has five zones on it: Zone A (upper-left), Zone B (upper-right), Zone C (lower-left), Zone D (lower-right), and the center zone which is called the Aggression Zone. (More on this center zone will be addressed later.)

These zones do not represent actual, literal locations in the battle. They are purely an abstraction. Even movement on the Arena doesn't even necessarily have to reflect movement on the actual battlefield. All the combatants in a zone are simply focusing their attention on one another at the expense of those in other zones.

Combatants may move to any zone from any zone. All zones are considered "adjacent" to each other.

Combatants may not make attacks outside of their zone unless they are within the Aggression Zone or are attacking into it from outside. If they are in the Aggression Zone they may attack any combatant regardless of zone. And again, all other combatants may attack targets in their own zone or in the Aggression Zone.

Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Aggression Zone The Battle Arena

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