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Chapter 3
OPTION: Special Dungeon Crawling Rules

Many roleplayers love a good "dungeon crawl", meaning they enjoy exploring a relatively large and dangerous area full of many rooms and corridors, i.e. a "dungeon". In a dungeon crawl story and roleplaying take a backseat to exploration, combat, surviving traps, and most of all: finding loot. But seeing as ORBA deliberately avoids a traditional collection and use of loot, something would have to be done about that. What follows is a suggestion encompassing much more than loot:

If desired, ORBA can be made into a more interesting dungeon crawler by scoring/grading the group of heroes by how well they explored and otherwise completed a dungeon's content. See the following categories:

  • Rooms, shafts, and corridors entered
  • "Elite" or "Boss" enemies defeated
  • Non-elite enemies defeated
  • Secrets found
  • Traps disarmed before being set off
  • Quests completed (that began in the dungeon itself)
  • Special achievements completed
  • [Anything else that could be done aside from escaping the dungeon or completing the quest(s) that brought them into the dungeon]

And last but not least:

  • Loot found

Yes, loot! If ORBA is being played as a dungeon crawler, heroes can find loot here and there. Sometimes it's a gear upgrade, while at other times it might something defined but useless. Maybe it's just there to collect for roleplaying purposes. In any case, in these optional rules loot gives the group a higher score/grade upon finishing the dungeon.

Final note: in a dungeon crawler ORBA game, each dungeon, or floor of a dungeon, represents a Chapter.


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