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Chapter 3
Chapters and Hero Advancement

Adventures begin on Chapter one and at a certain point the heroes reach a new Chapter. Adventures can have up to (but not requiring) ten Chapters in them. Each chapter should take around two hours to complete.

Beginning with an adventure's second chapter, when the heroes start a new Chapter their Devotion increases by 1. At Devotion 2, and at new Devotion increase from that point forward, heroes receive the following:

+2 Core Ability ranks
+1 War Ability rank
+1 Skill rank

In addition, every even Devotion (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10), a hero gains a new Tech at rank 0. And at every odd Devotion (3, 5, 7, and 9), a hero gains +1 maximum Focus.

Ranks may be distributed as desired within the appropriate category. For example, +2 Core Ability means +1 can be put into two Core Abilities, or +2 can be put into one.

See also "Tech Ranks" below for more advancement information regarding Techs.

Remember, Devotion increases are not permanent! They do not represent actual increases is proficiency, but an increase of faith and zeal toward completing the adventure.

If the GM decides to use the optional Status Effect rules, then every Tech needs to have at least one Status Effect. See that section later in this chapter for how to create them.

If you're using the optional War Form rules, then advancing heroes also get the following:

+1 Attack Form grade
+1 Defense Form grade


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