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Chapter 2
Step 8: Techniques

Techniques, or "Techs", are special and unusually powerful or effective attacks used in battle. All heroes and many other NPCs (including enemies) have Techs. Heroes specifically can have five of them.

Techs are used as part of an attack.

Note that Techs are not so much like mastered skills as they are acts of extreme passion and desperation to overcome all odds.

Characters gain use of Techs at a Devotion rank of 2, and Techs can have a rank ranging from 0 to 4.

Now decide five different ways that your hero can be especially effective in battle, or maybe you just want to make Techs up as you go along. Perhaps one of your hero's Techs is a certain form of deadly strike, or a sudden burst of speed and precision.

The GM has the final say on what is acceptable as a Tech.

Techs should not, as a general rule, require a certain piece of gear to work. But there might be exceptions.

If the GM opts to use the optional War Form rules:

Techs do not depend on Attack Form grades, though each might make use of a certain Form in style. Any Tech can use any Attack Form and will be fully effective despite that Form's grade. Attack Form grades are not considered at all when using Techs.

If the GM decides to use the optional Status Effect rules in combat, then you'll need to create at least one Effect for every Tech. You can also make Techs called "boons" which have positive effects for your hero or an ally. For how to create Status Effects, see Chapter 3, "OPTION: Status Effects for Techs".

Also, if using Status Effect rules: if the GM allows for making up new Techs to replace old ones, then a Tech cannot be redesigned after the start of battle, or when attempting the same battle a second time or more.


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