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Chapter 2
Step 7: Skills

All heroes, and perhaps important NPCs, have three Skills that have nothing to do with battle. They are purely for use in Trials that occur during an adventure.

A character might, for example, be good at "Security", "Stealth", and "Acrobatics". Note one of the commonalities between these example Skills: they all have a pretty good chance at coming in handy during an adventure. Character Skills are all like that, leaving Skills like "Dancing" and "Knitting" to roleplaying and choosing more adventure-worthy Skills to record for the purposes of this step. (However, the more broad Skills of "Performance" and "Crafting" might still be appropriate.)

Skills can be something learned or in-born, being the result of training or talent. Furthermore, GMs shouldn't worry too much about Skills being too broad, unless of course a player is really pushing it with Skills like "Mega Genius" which could more or less make them amazing at everything they did.

GMs should freely assume that heroes have any Skills that would be common in the setting for their race and homeland. For example, a hero shouldn't have to include their native language on the Skills list, or in modern settings a "Driving" skill, etc. These would be considered free Skills, and should only be written down if the player has any intent to increase them.

The GM has the final say on what is acceptable as a Skill and what isn't.

Your hero's Skills are assumed to already be quite adequate, indeed competent, even with a rank of 0. Therefore whatever it is that your hero is skilled at, they begin their first adventure already rather good at it, being better at it than someone without such a Skill. Also, as with Abilities, an increase in Skill rank doesn't actually reflect a permanent increase in proficiency. Instead it represents intensity of concentration and clarity of thought in the face of stress and other pressure. Only by completing enough Chapters does capability permanently increase.

Choose three Skills for your hero, and remember that each has nothing to do with battle. Each begins with a rank of 0, then add 1 rank to whichever Skill you'd like.

The maximum possible rank for a Skill is 7.


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