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Chapter 2
Step 6: War Abilities

All characters (hero and NPC) have three War Abilities. Each War Ability has a rank that serves as an overall measurement of its effectiveness.

  • Attack -- The hero's ability to bring down an enemy's Focus, one way or another, on account of their Core Abilities, Skills, or Features (aside from animal companions or NPC followers), or on account of training and battle experience, or some combination of any of these things.
  • Defense -- The hero's ability to retain Focus, one way or another (as above), from enemy attempts to decrease it.
  • Battlemind -- The hero's ability, one way or another, to see the lay of the land and react quickly in the heat of battle.

Characters even at a rank of 0 in a War Ability are assumed to already be decently trained or otherwise quite competent when it comes to keeping their own on a battlefield. However, while an increase in Devotion will increase the potency of a rank, it doesn't represent an actual increase in proficiency. It reflects only the dogged will to win and the faith that it's possible. It's only by completing enough Chapters that a hero's actual proficiency increases.

Your hero begins an adventure with a rank of 1 in any War Ability, as befitting a Devotion of 1. The two Abilities not chosen begin with a rank 0.

The maximum possible rank for a War Ability is 7.


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