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Chapter 2
Step 4: Focus

All heroes and NPCs have something called "Focus". A character's Focus reflects the strength of their ability to remain willful and concentrated in a battle or other stressful situation. A loss of Focus represents either something that has damaged the character's will to win or survive, or that has damaged their ability to concentrate and stay on task. Either way, total loss of Focus means uselessness and helplessness!

It is important to remember that loss of Focus doesn't equate to suffering a crippling injury, or perhaps any physical wounding at all, but just means the subject has less will, concentration, clarity of perception, etc. Crippling wounds are covered by different rules that will be presented later. Indeed, loss of Focus may reflect no change in physical condition at all, but may reflect something emotional such as fear or despair.

All heroes begin with a maximum Focus of 3 and can have no more than that amount until they reach a certain rank of Devotion. Of course, heroes begin their careers and all individual adventures with a full Focus.


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