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This is my little corner of the web. Whatever I feel like putting on the Internet will appear here.

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And by the way, I manually crafted every page on this site in TextPad. No saving to HTML from an office doc or using pre-fab templates here! I'm quite proud of that. And please, if you find any broken links or other errors let me know!


Why "vespinfeebler" in the URL?

To answer: firstly, because "someguy" and anything close to it was already taken. But secondly, because I have a love for this particular character of mine. He was a Dungeons & Dragons character (a human cleric of the Light), who I created many lifetimes ago in early college. All the players were trying to come up with names for their new characters. Mine, Vespin Feebler, got quite a laugh. I therefore brought him into existence.

In time Vespin admittedly grew to be very annoying, as I love being wacky, but at the time didn't yet know how to reign it in when needed. Eventually the other players tired so much of Vespin that they unanimously decided to drag him into the Underdark (a massive cave system), force him to eat dirt there, and then sacrifice him on a nearby altar to the dark spider goddess Lolth.

Well, after that was done, the ol' Feeb would still come up now and then over the years in conversation. Of course I never forgot him, and in time created a little backstory for him about how he was resurrected by the Light into immortality, and now wanders through the various planes of reality serving the One who raised him. (I also made him no longer annoying. Kinda.)

I ended up naming my Final Fantasy 14 character after Vespin, and then later decided that most of my characters in other MMORPGs were in fact adopted and raised by him.


> About Some Guy Named Robert Aronson <
Read this. It's a thing.


> My "wheretofind.me" Profile <
I'm lots of places aside from this website, MeWe, and YouTube. Look here to see some of them.


> My MeWe Profile <
MeWe is an online social network like Facebook, but far better in many ways. Firstly, it doesn't sell or otherwise share your data with anyone. Secondly, there aren't any ads. Thirdly, no one can view or search your public posts unless they have a MeWe account themselves.

MeWe makes money by having a store where you can buy things if you want to.


> "Vespin Feebler" YouTube Channel <
This channel is for all my geeky interests, and is bursting with video game content. But there's other stuff too. The link brings you to a page on this site listing and describing all my playlists on this channel.


> "Robert Aronson" YouTube Channel <
This channel is pretty much for whatever the last one isn't. The main point was to have a second channel more suited to a general audience.


> Virtual Photography <
I like to take screenshots of video games, especially MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). I've uploaded many thousands of wow-amaze images for your face.


> Creative Writing <
Check out this page for any fiction I've produced and felt like sharing.


> The Septem Calendar <
A calendar I created that's more accurate to the average solar/tropical year than the Gregorian one.


> ORBA: Roleplaying Game System <
If you're into tabletop / pen-and-paper RPGs and like universal systems, here you go. I made it so I didn't have to learn any more new systems. (That is, if I'm going to be running a game. Only the person running a game truly needs to know its system.) ORBA offers just about everything I want from a set of RPG rules, and probably will for you too. I think you'll find it to be adequately flexible and easily modified if needed.

In terms of "rules crunch", ORBA is moderately complex. It began as something super light and simple, but "feature creep" has greatly revised and expanded it over the years.


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